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Hungarian traditional recurve bows, HUNGARIAN TRADITIONAL RECURVE BOW, bear, medve vazul, greyhound, agar, lynx, hiuz, panther, parduc, crow, hollo,from Lajos Kassai, hungarian recurve bow of the midle ages, hungarian recurve bow extra 1 Hungarian bows
The most popular bows are the base Hungarian models. Since the end of 2004 we have been producing them with different techniques and of different materials. As a result they have longer draw length and they have become softer and a little faster. They can be drawn until 31-33" without becoming hard.

Mongol traditional recurve bows, wolf 1 farkas 1, wolf 2 Mongol bows
One of the Mongols main arms was the bow, their technical innovation was the steep horn and the string stool, which gave bigger dynamics to the arrow.

Scythian traditional recurve bows, Old scythian recurve bow from Grozerarchery Scythian bows
Among the Scythian bows the Old Scythian is the most popular. Both adults and children can use them. Many people make bows with this shape but ours is definetly a good-working bow in any aspect. So, it is not by chance a popular bow.

Asymmethric hun recurve bows Hunnish bows
The Hunnish bows are all assimetrical without exception. Because of the assimetry they have less hand shock than the Hungarians and they are also a little faster.

Late avar recurvew bow hawk hunter olyv vadasz from kassai Avar bows
The mass production of this traditional recurve bow started in 1992. The rapid development of horse archery, the appearance of new aspects pushed this nice model out of the horse archer fields, but still it is the recurve bow sold in greatest numbers up until today.

Laminated recurve bow, TRH turkish recurve bow, Traditional hunting recurve bow Laminated bows
Laminated recurve bow, TRH turkish recurve bow, Traditional hunting recurve bow, laminated recurve bow, sparrow hawk, Grozer recurvebows

Tatar recurve bow Tatar recurve bow

Children and junior bows Children and junior bows
bows for children.

Sets of several bows for a reduced price.



1.) Standard arrows SZALOKY 4
2.) Traditional arrows SZALOKY 3
3.) Traditional arrows Szaloky1
4.) Bear I (Vazul, Medve) from Kassai
5.) Wolf II. (farkas II.)
6.) Y Gloves
7.) Scythian recurve bow
8.) Thumb ring of horn
10.) Finger guard