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FALCON 2 (Asymmetric laminated Hun bow) from Kassai
asymmetric laminated hun recurve bow falcon solyom from Lajos Kassai FALCON (Asymmetric laminated Hun bow) Lightness, swiftness. The efforts to break my record of 1998 polished this weapon to perfection. The long practice and great shooting speed (1,5 seconds per shot) raised the idea of developing a feather-light bow with long draw. The model born this way made the step over to new dimensions possible in sport: firing nine aimed shots on 90m within 16 seconds. The bow can take a truly extraordinary strain but only by professional use. It needs attention by drawing; the arms of the bow must be loaded even. As owing to its asymmetry the lower arm is shorter, only by bending it, the bow may break during drawing. It is sensitive to overbending, max 33". Thanks to its lightness, exactness and swiftness it represents the high of horse archery at present. As its lower arm is slower, it allows great mobility by shots forward and backward on the horseback, but still keeps its comfortable draw. This model has established the absolute rule of asymmetric Hun-type bows in the leading sport.
Eye-inlay on the hilt or on the tips: 29 EUR
Weight: 540 gr.
Lenght of string: 138 cm.
Draw weight : 25-65 font.
Manufacturer: Kassai
Price: 269 EUR
Order: Piece

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