Asymmetric hun hunnish recurve bow deer szarvas from Lajos Kassai
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DEER (Asymmetric Hun bow: szarvas ) from Kassai
Asymmetric hun hunnish recurve bow deer szarvas from Lajos Kassai DEER (Asymmetric Hun bow) Powerful dignity. Its ancestor was tested during the 12-hour non-stop horse archer world record on relay horses in 1998 and the previous preparations for it by Kassai Lajos himself! The great strain was a good chance to discover hidden faults. By using the experiences gathered this way the Deer was built which is a much more refined version of the weapon. The length of its draw and the smooth draw make it very exact and saves its user from the damages caused by the extraordinary strain of horse archery. This excellent weapon is recommended for both beginners and advance users.
Decoration on leather included!!
Weight: 1000 gr.
Lenght of string: 153 cm.
Draw weight : 25-50 font.
With hornplated at the handle: + 29 EUR
With hornplated at the tips : + 49 EUR
Color of the Leather :
Manufacturer: Kassai
Price: 239 EUR
Order: Piece

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